Hancock Park/Windsor Square is a lush oasis between the financial centers of Downtown and Beverly Hills/Century City. Architecturally and historically significant homes as well as smaller starter homes comprise our neighborhood. Our population is as diverse as our architectural styles. Our elegance and sophistication belie our friendly small town atmosphere unique to L.A.

The hub of our neighborhood is Larchmont Village, a cluster of fine restaurants, boutiques, a general store and an old time hardware store. Our roots are eastern, as Larchmont Village was inspired by Larchmont New York.

Windsor Square acquired historic preservation status in 2005. Hancock Park was then approved by city council on August 1, 2006.

Q1 2021 for the period ending March 31, 2021 per the Multiple Listing Service:

Hancock Park HPOZ – The average single family home sale was $4,794,000 for a 4,914 square foot home on a 13,022 square foot lot. A total of 9 homes sold in an average of 78 days on market.

Windsor Square HPOZ – The average single family home sale was $2,648,159 for a 2,875 square foot home on a 8,326 square foot lot. A total of 16 homes sold in an average of 46 days on market.

Fremont Place – No homes sold this past quarter in 2021.   For Q4 2020, the average single family home sale was $10,075,000 for a 8,843 square foot home on a 43,778 square foot lot. A total of 2 homes sold in an average of 20 days on market.

Larchmont Village – The average single family home sale was $1,900,350 for a 2,029 square foot home on a 6,154 square foot lot. A total of 10 homes sold in an average of 34 days on market.

Brookside – The average single family home sale was $2,858,058 for a 3,556 square foot home on a 9,167 square foot lot. A total of 3 homes sold in an average of 19 days on market.  

Hancock Park Adjacent (Citrus, Mansfield, Orange and Sycamore from Melrose to Wilshire) – The average single family home sale was $2,331,656 for a 2,659 square foot home on a 6,103 square foot lot. A total of 8 homes sold in an average of 25 days on market.

2-4 Unit Buildings – The average sale was $1,408,111. A total of 9 sold in an average of 34 days on market.

Condos – The average condo sale was $752,844 for a 1,339 square foot condo. A total of 43 sold in an average of 45 days on market.

Leases – The average lease was $6,467/month. The high was $22,900/month and the low was $2,200/month.